3 Ways To Give Your Children Bright Futures

You want a bright future for your children where they are happy and healthy and fulfilling their dreams. Get them on the right track early so that they aren’t derailed by an unhealthy lifestyle or poor mental health. The Danielson Martial Arts Academy invites you to explore three different ways you can help brighten your children’s futures.

Communicate with Them

Talk with your kids about what you want for them in life and how they can achieve those dreams. Discuss the importance of a healthy lifestyle and how maintaining one will benefit them.

Be open about the importance of tending to mental health, and let them know you want to emotionally support them. If they know that they can talk to you when they are having a rough time, you are more likely to be able to help them navigate through issues successfully.

Have conversations about what their dream life would look like from an early age. Whatever their ideal job is, MindTools suggests helping them come up with manageable steps to achieve it. If they want to be a basketball player, for instance, tell them how that requires staying physically fit, putting lots of practice in, and working well with others.

If they want to be an astronaut, they’ll have to get good grades, study a lot and keep in good shape. When you break down big goals into smaller tasks, it helps even little kids understand that anything is achievable if they are willing to put in the work.

Then, when they’re older, you can talk about practical steps they can take as an adult, such as going to school if they would like to own their business one day or studying education in college if they’d like to become a teacher. Knowing they are working toward a higher goal will help them make the right choices when you can’t be by their side.

Model Good Behaviors

Children emulate what they see, particularly what they witness of the adults in their lives. The best way to help your children make healthy choices is to model those healthy choices yourself and to let them take part when they can.

Let your kids meal plan with you so that they have an investment in the food they eat. Have them help prepare food with you so that they see firsthand the work that goes into it, and they will have more appreciation for the food when it's time to eat.

Be active with them. Go on hikes as a family and enjoy days swimming together. When they see you enjoying being active and get to experience it with you, they will associate happiness with activity and will be more likely to pursue it naturally on their own.

Sign Them Up for Extracurriculars

Research shows that extracurricular activities help children grow up to be more confident and successful. There are countless options available, from music lessons to quidditch teams.

Physical extracurricular activities don’t have to mean joining a team, though. Consider signing your children up for classes at Danielson Martial Arts Academy if they would prefer a more individual experience. Studies have shown that martial arts have been proven to help not only physically, improving balance and strength, but also mentally, easing anxiety and building self-confidence. Those who practice karate also have better self-discipline and focus.

When you give your kids the tools to be healthy early, they’re more likely to stay on the right path when they’re older. Have meaningful conversations with them, model the behaviors you’d like to see, and get them involved with different activities outside of school and the family. All of your lives will be better for it!

Does your child have an interest in martial arts? If so, sign up for classes at the Danielson Martial Arts Academy. Check out our FAQ to learn more.

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