Best Tips for Setting Up Your Home Martial Arts Studio

Contributed by Charlene Roth

You don’t have to practice martial arts only once or twice a week. With a specialized martial arts studio at home, you can continue your training even when you’re not in class. Plus, a well-equipped home studio means you can keep your active kids occupied, too. Here’s how.

Think About Safety First

Martial arts can be dangerous if you don’t take the right precautions—so it’s essential to think of safety (and health) first.

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Find (or Make) Space for Your Home Gym

Whatever free space you have, there’s a way to turn it into a martial arts studio.

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Add Equipment and Workout Routines

What’s great about martial arts is you can do plenty of workouts without equipment—or add features everyone can use.

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When you have a specialized martial arts studio in your home, you can practice your training all week long. From the right setup to a comprehensive workout plan, you can create the perfect home space for practicing what you’ve learned at your martial arts academy.

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