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Master Daryl Laperle

I first began my martial arts career in 1986 at the Danielson Martial Arts Academy, and in 1994 became the owner. At the age of 22 I became the youngest martial artist in Cheezic Tang Soo Do's 40 year history to earn a 4th Dan Master Belt. I have been a member of the USA Karate team, inducted into the Action Martial Arts Magazine Hall of Fame, and received the Outstanding Achievements in the Martial Arts award. I have promoted over 88 martial artists to black belt level and promoted seven students to the Master Belt level. So my question is, will you be my next black belt? 

-Let us help you -
Adult Classes
​We welcome students of any skill level. Whether you’re just starting a fitness regimen, or have been doing martial arts for years, our Adult Classes are a supportive environment for anyone ages 12 and up of any skill level.
Kid's Classes
​Karate is the best thing you can do for your child. It helps them learn focus, dedication, respect, and perseverance. It builds strong character and strong bodies. But most of all, we like to make sure it’s fun!
Family Classes
​We are a family school, and training together helps make strong families!
Homeschool Classes
​Founded in 2013, Homeschool Class is open to entire homeschool families, and anyone who wishes to attend a daytime class. We welcome parents, it’s a family class! We at DMAA understand the needs of homeschool families, and our class is geared toward those needs.
Tai Chi Classes
​Tai Chi (Taijiquan) is an ancient Chinese internal martial art that is also known for its health benefits.  Taijiquan is a sequence of postures connected by flowing movements practiced with focused breathing and a calm mind - a type of moving meditation.
Tang Soo Tots
​A class for the very young, the perfect entry into the world of martial arts for tots ages 3-5 (and potty trained). ​ A shorter, but fast paced class that teaches pre-karate and beginner skills, plus life skills! ​ Listening, following direction, consideration, politeness, sportsmanship, and perseverance are all taught through games and real karate!
Push Hands Class
​Push Hands is the practice of using Tai Chi principles with a partner. It is the fundamental part of training Tai Chi as a martial art. Rather than using force against force, Tai Chi principles teach the student to redirect the incoming energy and use it against the opponent.
Weapons Classes
Students can either attend weapons class, where they will be taught bo staff and nunchakus, or decide on any approved martial arts weapon and work on their own. We are always available to help them learn their weapon, either at weapons class, or during demo team, if the student decides to join.
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"My son and I had our first class at DMAA the day after my 40th birthday. I was really out of shape and hadn't done and regular physical activity for about 5 years following a surgery. Master Laperle convinced me that there was not a better time to start than the present. I just over two months I've already lost over 35 lbs and, more importantly, I am more engaged in my kid's activities. The culture in this school is awesome. Starting to study at my age could have been very intimidating but everyone at DMAA always made sure we were comfortable and getting value out of the classes. We now have 5 family members enrolled at DMAA and everyone loves it. My son especially loves sparring and being able to mix it up with his dad. The classes are great for dealing with stress and building core values alongside your kids. Stop waiting for "someday" to be in shape, or to have the time, or any other excuse. Take yout first class and you will be hooked."

- Daniel Benoit

"Our 11 year old son started taking classes at DMAA back when he was only 7 years of age. We have watched him over the past four years transform from a little guy that struggled with a single push up into a strong confident young man that has won challenges in physical endurance. We know we have DMAA to thank for that. Enrolling him here in class was one of the best decisions we have made for our son. We couldn't be happier with our decision and look forward to his future with DMAA."

- Amy and Kevin Manix

"Have been a student for a couple of years and am so grateful to be a part of this awesome family! Great people, great times, fantastic teachers!"

- LeeAnn Anita

"Great atmosphere with amazing people. My daughter loves it and her confidence has improved tremendously"

- Michelle Murray

"My son loved the Danielson Martial Arts and master Daryl Laperle was an awesome teacher I highly recommend this school"

- Albert Duff

"I started at Danielson Martial Arts Academy in 2015 (my husband started in 2013), we both love the atmosphere, the patience of the instructors, and the comradery of the students in each class. In each class there is teamwork, students supporting and encouraging each other, but it's also an individual sport because each student is on their own martial arts journey learning at their own pace. Students get one on one attention in each class, and there are always instructors available to help students that ask for help. The instructors encourage students to be their best and to strive to reach their potential, resulting in the school's standard being higher than other schools in the area."

- Jean Bolin


Tang Soo Do & Tai Chi

30 Wauregan Rd (Rt 12)

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