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How Much Does It Cost?

Your first class is free!

We have several packages to choose from, from once a week to unlimited classes, so that our costs can fit into your budget. There are no contracts at DMAA, so you pay by the month. Each student receives a free dobahk (uniform) when they sign up, and sparring gear can be purchased at low prices over time through our school. Patches are required for uniforms at a nominal price. Other expenses occur over time, such as the costs of tournaments, however, they are low in our Federation.

How do I know my child is ready to learn karate?

We start children at 6 years old, however, each child is ready at a different time. If your child can follow directions, pay attention to instructors, stand still for periods of time, and has some physical coordination. Some children change drastically in a few short months, so it’s good to look at each child separately. Some may benefit by waiting to begin training. For younger children, we have Tang Soo Tots class!

How long will it take me to get my black belt?

This answer will vary from person to person. Becoming a black belt is a journey in learning, practicing, and discovering your own strengths and weaknesses. It will depend on how much time is put into classes, and practicing at home. With excellent attendance, 4-5 years is achievable.

How old is too old to start karate?

You are never too old to learn karate! It’s a sport where the physical abilities of a person increase over time. Our students and instructors range in age from 3 years old to 78!

I have old injuries that limit the types of exercises I can do. Will I be pushed to do anything that may hurt me?

Once instructors are made aware of injuries, abilities and limitations, we can make sure students can learn without incurring further injuries.

What forms must I fill out?

We have one simple form to fill out before you are enrolled and beginning your martial arts journey!

Is there a contract?

There are no contracts here at DMAA. Ever.

Where can I order gear?

You can order gear through us at DMAA, contact your instructor for more information.

Can anyone do karate regardless of physical ability?

Almost everyone can do karate at some level. Certain physical limitations may be present, but karate is a personal journey, and each person should strive to do their personal best.

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